Adult Affiliate Money

A different way to make real money in the Adult Industry

What is the idea?

  1. The Adult Industry is big. It may not have larger revenues than Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay and Yahoo combined, but it is big.

  2. To become part of this Industry is definitely not easy, although possible.

    1. You can start your own adult site, which will require a six-or-seven-figure investment, if you want to have a serious chance.

    2. You can become an affiliate partner of an existing site and earn a percentage of what people who were directed by you to this site, spend there.

  3. Since option 2A is not realistic for most of us, let's concentrate on 2B.

    As long as you have a smaller site, you will not earn. It's simple as that. Only the BIG sites earn adult affiliate money.

    And to become popular online, you need good SEO and LOADS of backlinks. That's another fact of life.

  4. We tried to find a way out for this problem.

    Please pay attention.

    1. Our goal is to have a substantial Adult Affiliate website -- let's call it TheMainSite.

    2. On TheMainSite we will place affiliate links to the largest adult websites with interesting affiliate programs.

    3. To promote TheMainSite, we will need Webmasters who want to set up (on their own server) a smaller adult domain with a link to TheMainSite.

    4. The profit that is generated by TheMainSite will be split between all participating Webmasters, where your PR will determine the share.

    5. A Webmaster with a site that has PR3 will receive a larger share than one who has a PR0 website.

    6. Of course at first sight, one may think that it is more profitable to make direct affiliate links to the largest adult websites yourself.

      This is not true. As a smaller site, you will never get enough traffic to make serious affiliate money. Only the larger sites will earn as affiliates. The smaller sites simply do not get enough traffic.

      The promises these larger adult sites make, sound nice. They promise you high percentages, ...but of what? 35% of 0 is still 0.

      The only thing you do as a smaller site with an affiliate link to a larger adult site, is making this larger adult site more important by giving it a backlink. Your affiliate link counts as a backlink for them. But you will not earn.

      Therefore it is much smarter to accept, for example, 15% of 80, than 35% of 0.

If you understand this principle, and want to participate in this project, we kindly invite you to leave us your name and e-mail. We hope to start the project in September 2012. There is a first-come first-served principle, so it may be good not to wait till the project has started.

The main condition to participate is to have your own (shared) server space on which you can host a dedicated domain to promote TheMainSite.

We will contact you as soon as we are ready for take-off. Of course your e-mail will only be used for this purpose. You will NOT end up on a "make money" mailing list and your e-mail address will also NOT be given or sold to "third parties".

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Cooperation gives pebbles the power of rocks.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German scientist.

Union gives strength.
Aesop (620 BC - 560 BC), Greek fabulist.

The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.
Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970), British logician and philosopher.

   Launched: July 10th, 2012

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In case you are completely new to adult affiliate marketing, the following may be of interest to you. If you are already a successful adult affiliate marketer, then don't bother to read it.

How do webmasters usually try to make money from adult affiliate programs?

Before getting involved in any kind of industry, first you need to understand the basics. In this manner you will have higher chances of taking the right approach and earn money.

Adult affiliate marketing is in principle the same as any type of affiliate marketing, just that it targets specific niches that belong to the adult entertainment industry. So, even if you don’t have any previous experience with adult affiliate marketing, but you’ve been promoting other types of products (for instance ClickBank), then you will adapt quite easily to this type of advertising and money making.

As you may or may not know, the adult industry is a huge market, so there is a lot of money earned from it. The only problem is that all this big amounts of dollars are earned by a handful of affiliate sites, some struggle for survival and most of them bring no revenue at all and they will close down sooner or later.

A hype was created around adult affiliate marketing and everybody started presenting it to be the best and secure method to earn money. And this idea only grew bigger on as the years passed by. If you will search the net for adult affiliate programs, most likely you will find a lot sites that make all sorts of claims: that if you register through site X, you will get generous commissions and earn a lot and so on. They will even throw in the possibility to make a full living out of this, and just quit your job and work in your own terms. Maybe after some time, take some nice vacations to tropical islands! Mind you, this is what they claim.

Reality is quite different. There is always a catch if the pitch sounds too great.  Just signing up for an adult affiliate deal is not all you need to do. Absolutely not. You have to build a site, create a concept, build backlinks, promote it in best possible ways and hope you get a lot of visitors. It’s a time consuming process and your odds are really tiny, since most of the traffic will go to the already known sites with whom you can’t compete.

BUT, still you can not overlook the fact that it’s human nature to be interested in sex, and that goes for men and women. So no matter what happens, people will always be interested in seeing erotic content. This means that you can still earn from it, although it's not as easy as some people claim it is.

You have to be creative in order to stand out in the plethora of adult sites that are out there. If you can come up with a new concept, or present a new approach to things, then your chances of earning money will increase. This is obviously easier said than done. How much creative can you get with adult sites? It is all about presenting the human body in an erotic manner. Adult affiliate marketing is about exploiting basic human needs. It’s more or less the same as promoting food recipes. Eating is also a basic need so it will always show up first when an individual will try to enjoy him/her self.

If we are to analyze things good, the adult industry is more appreciated by men than women. That is why focusing on marketing pictures and videos of beautiful ladies may get the most clicks. Of course you can specify on a certain niche, but the big bucks come from sites that cover most of the needs and fetishes.

Starting a big site on your own is A LOT of work, and the chances of making a success out of it all on your own, are really slim. Join a group of people that focus on promoting one site, can actually make a huge difference.

Long gone are the days when just very little sites were present on the Internet (compared to the billions that exist now), and when it was extremely easy to get on top of Yahoo, which was the largest search engine at the time. That is one of the advantages that the big adult sites have. They started in that time, and gained a reputation. For instance, everybody in the adult world has heard of Live Jasmin, or CamContacts, or XLove. Competing with websites that are already known all over the world is really an incredibly difficult task.

So what to do? On your own, you can try with the adult affiliate deals (we sure tried that ourselves many times in the past) and pray that you manage to get some money every now and then. And yes, it worked, but you still can’t call that a successful business. It’s the same as the difference between a big company where there are 200 people working, and a small one with only 3-4 people around. In most cases, the small firm stands very little chances. Sooner or later, you will be forced to leave the market because of the bigger company. Sad, really, but ever so true.

When you register as an adult affiliate to one of the bigger adult sites, it’s like becoming an employee of one of those big companies. Before making any revenue for yourself, FIRST you support the other website by promoting it, linking to it, making the site stronger, and therefore also making money for it. BUT what if you can take advantage of the possibilities that this big adult site offer to increase the popularity of your own? Just like the small business would use the big company to make themselves stronger...

What Albert Einstein, the Greek philosopher Aesop and the great British logician and philosopher Bertrand Russell said long ago, is still very true. Union will make stronger. In fact, uniting is the only way to beat the giants.

That is more or less what we are trying to achieve here at Adult Affiliate Money: to create a method were more people with smaller sites will earn from the adult industry, and where less money goes to the “big guys”, who only profit from the popularity that the smaller sites bring them for free by creating backlinks, thinking that they will get a great percentage of the revenue that the big site makes. Because they are so small, this revenue share will stay away, and the only thing the "small webmasters" do, is helping the big sites to get even bigger and bigger, completely free. Not so fair, wouldn't you say so?

And yes, of course there ARE people who are already making money from adult affiliate deals, of course. But these are the bigger guys, for whom Adult Affiliate Money is not meant. If you are not one of them, and you would like to try a different approach to make money in the adult industry, then this concept may be exactly what you need. Joining is free and also risk-free, so what have you got to lose?

In case you want to comment on anything of the above, please do so through the form above or through our Contact Page. We will place your thoughts and experiences, positive or negative, as long as what you say makes sense, is not hateful, rude or discriminating. We will NOT publish your full name and/or e-mail of course.


Jaffir wrote: I like it! Good luck with the initiave, I will join. :=)

David wrote: Sounds good. I am trying with adult affiliates for almost three years now and never earned a dollar. Your theory explained why. Thanks for that. I subscribed.

Jessica wrote: I am a girl, as you may have guessed by my name, and I tried all sorts of affiliate marketing. I believe the most money can be made in the affiliate niche, but I agree it's also the most complicated niche. I have three website focused on adult (teens, BBW and milf), but not one of them ever made me money. This idea is super and I have joined, but I'd like to understand why it is so important to have my own server space??? It's not a problem, I just'd like to comprehend.
Jessica, thanks for the feedback, we've replied through e-mail and added your question to our FAQ.
Robinson wrote: Great!!!! Count me in.

Mikael wrote: Like it. Why wait with launch till september?
Mikael, at this moment we are making "the main site". Doing it the right way costs some time... :)